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Our mission is to provide you an opportunity to help others simply through investing in quality
professional Knoxville wedding photography and Knoxville wedding videography experiences.

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We offer many services to our exclusive clients. From a captivating Knoxville wedding photographer to a majestic Knoxville wedding videographer + cinematographer to a multitude of beautiful wedding design services—we can customize your package!

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  • Robbie + Jason

    We can’t say enough about Ben and Knox Wedding Creative! Ben is extremely professional and has a great eye for capturing all those special moments on film. He goes above and beyond! We are more than pleased with the services and I have to say it is well worth the money! You will not be disappointed!
  • Mandy + Greg

    Ben did such a fabulous job photographing our wedding! He does more than take pictures; he captures moments and tells a story through his photographs. He was very reliable and did everything we asked and more. I am forever thankful for the work Ben did, and because of him we now have a storybook of the most wonderful day of our lives rather than just another wedding photo album!
  • Kacie + Stephen

    Ben did an amazing job of incorporating our ideas for pictures into our day. He was very easy to work with and very understanding. We received beautiful pictures that were unique and different from most other wedding pictures. We would recommend Ben to anyone!
  • Abby + Rhett

    Knox Wedding Creative produced my wedding video and they did a fantastic job. Ben was there for every moment from the rehearsal to the end of the reception. While I was anxiously waiting to walk down the aisle, Ben even helped me stay calm! My favorite part was when they interviewed the bridesmaids and groomsmen about us and interviewed my husband and I about each other. It made for a really cute foundation for the video! I highly recommend Knox Wedding Creative!



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